Who are we looking for?

Our baseball and softball club is looking for additional coaches for the baseball and softball teams. Our club was founded in 1990. In the meantime we have five kids / youth teams and three adult teams. The softball team was only founded in 2019 and consists of 15 players between 14 and 44. In 2022, in their second proper season, they won the finals in the 2nd Austrian Softball Bundesliga.

Our new coaches should be aware that baseball and softball in Europe are different to the same sports in the US. All our players are either working or studying and have to fit sports into their spare time. Therefore, we want our new coaches to be passionate about and committed to the game but still sensitive to the needs of the players.

We are mainly looking for coaches who can develop our future teams. Therefore, for both the baseball and the softball teams, we are looking for an experienced pitching development coach. Still, our hitting also needs to be improved! If our coaches want to play themselves, that's great but not necessary.

Preferably, our future coaches already have some experience in life as well and are willing to get settled in Vorarlberg for a couple of years.

What do you get?

The club members will be happy to take care of a good start in Feldkirch and Vorarlberg for you. That not only includes providing accommodation for the starting period or assistance finding a job but also helping in getting adjusted to the Vorarlberg way of life. We want you to have a good life in our beautiful corner of the world and still enjoy the great community of baseball and softball.

Feldkirch, Vorarlberg and beyond

Feldkirch is the westernmost city of Austria, situated in the Rhine valley in the middle of Europe. The city itself was founded in 1218 and still preserves its medieval centre. With its 35,000 inhabitants, it's small enough to find your way easily, but still has a lot to offer, such as culture, restaurants, clubs and shops.

The state of Vorarlberg stretches out from the Lake of Constance to the North to the mountain of Piz Buin with a height of 3,312 m to the South, from the Swiss and Liechtenstein border to the West to the well-known skiing resorts at the Arlberg to the East. It is situated between Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. Many interesting places and cities are within reach of a train or car drive, such as Salzburg, Munich, Konstanz, Zurich, Paris, Venice or the Mediterranean coast.

Work and Education

Vorarlberg and the surrounding Rhine valley, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are wealthy regions with stable economies. Vorarlberg itself has a lot of small and medium-sized companies, but also some international market leaders, which offer a great range of jobs for all possible qualifications. Besides, it is easily possible to commute to Liechtenstein or Switzerland and work at one of the international companies there. For your kids, there are international schools in Bregenz (Austria) and Buchs SG (Switzerland), or of course the state schools in Austria. Dornbirn (Austria) and Vaduz (Liechtenstein) have universities of applied science.


In our beautiful surroundings, all kinds of mountain sports are possible. Whether hiking, rock climbing, bouldering, mountain biking, trail running, rafting or skiing – Vorarlberg is the place to be. If you have more urban activities in mind, visit Munich or Zurich for a shopping spree, try out one of our cinemas or simply hang out in a bar in Feldkirch.


Still not sure what to expect?

Read what our former import players have to say about their time with us: 


Jeff Barto, 2014/2015:

“The city of Feldkirch and the entire Vorarlberg area are an amazing place to live. It was an easy transition for the first time living abroad. Friendly community, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. It was a no-brainer to return to the Cardinals for a 2nd season as an import player/coach. Everyone around the club was willing to help you with anything that was needed. It’s an easy place to call home. If it weren’t for being young with my own personal wanderlust, I may have never left.” 

Tim Crow, 2015/2016:

"I have coached in Europe for five seasons and got my start in Feldkirch with the Cardinals. I had the opportunity to coach the Feldkirch Cardinals for two seasons; 2015 and 2016, even though we were one of the youngest teams in the league we were able to finish in the top of the division and make the playoffs both years. The players were dedicated to getting better, the support from the Baseball Board was great, and the team chemistry made it a pleasure to coach. The success of the club comes from the Feldkirch Baseball/Softball Board who are very organized and centered around getting the community involved with the club activities and supporting the team at home games. The city of Feldkirch and region of Vorarlberg are very scenic, set near the Swiss border and surrounded by beautiful mountains. The Vorarlberg region host three teams in the area but the local rivalries are friendly and the different towns support each other in growing baseball. I wouldn't hesitate to coach there again or recommend it to other players or coaches."

Collin Leif, 2018/2019:

"First of all, the baseball is a little different when you consider import rules and still how young the game is over there. While saying that being in Feldkirch was the best decision I ever made. The club has a family feel to it and all the youth and parents embrace you and bring you in with grill outs, softball tournaments and hanging out after practice. The team has many young talented players that are hungry for the game. To this day it is the most beautiful place I’ve been right in the middle of the Vorarlberg Valley. I think about my time there often and will be making visits back!"

Sam Murphy, 2018/2019:

The Feldkirch Cardinals baseball club provided me so much more than I could have ever imagined. The relationships, memories and impact that the Cardinals organization had on me - and vice versa - will never leave me.

I have been to many places on this planet and I am convinced there is not a more beautiful place than Vorarlberg and Feldkirch specifically. Between the setting, the people and the atmosphere of the town, it is a beyond-amazing place. My two years there were not enough!"